Introducing... The Strap Thing Strap System

Single Straps

  • Why You Need Strap Thing

    The Strap Thing Strap
    System is a revolutionary product that has transformed the way we perceive straps. It is a multipurpose strap system that can be used virtually anywhere,
    for just about anything. The system is designed with a multitude of elements such
    as unions, hooks, buckles, and 4-ways that can be configured in infinite ways to provide the best containment or securing features.

    It is the only one of its kind in the world, making it an incredibly valuable tool for anyone who needs to secure or contain equipment or products. Whether used outdoors on adventures like camping, hiking, boating, hunting, fishing, or for projects at work and at home, this unique Strap System provides a versatile solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of each application.

    Unlike traditional straps
    that are limited in their function and design, The Strap Thing Strap System allows for the customization needed to meet the needs of any project or
    activity. It is like the Swiss Army Knife of straps, providing a range of options for securing gear or equipment that go beyond a basic hook and loop strap.

  • Bundling

    Strap Thing is great for bundling up cords, hoses, and other objects. Simply thread the strap through the object you want to bundle then pull tight to secure. The strong yet flexible strap will hold everything in place without damaging the material.

  • Attaching

    Need to attach something to a pipe or post or even a wall? Strap Thing is perfect for the job!

  • Repairing

    Have a broken piece of furniture or equipment? No problem! Strap Thing can be used as a makeshift repair until you have time to replace the broken part. Simply strap the broken piece in place then pull tight to secure. The strong strap will hold everything in place until you have time to make a permanent repair.

  • Securing

    Whether you're tying down a ladder or keeping your belongings safe while traveling, Strap Thing is up for the task. Their strong construction can withstand even the roughest conditions while keeping your belongings securely in place.

How it works

These versatile little straps can do it all. And because they're made from durable polymer material, they can stand up to whatever you throw at them - including water, temperature changes, and age. So next time you're headed into the great outdoors, to work, school, play, or just on the Homefront make sure you've got a few Strap Things in your pocket. You'll be glad you did.

Strap Thing is the most versatile solution for attaching/bundling/repairing/securing just about anything, anywhere!

Strap Thing Strap System is your extra set of hands, so you can get back to all of Life’s Adventures!